Our recycling operation consists of taking concrete or asphalt that is dumped in our yard, and we recycle this material into aggregates for reuse

Disposal Information

  • we take concrete or asphalt or concrete with steel
  • dumping fees are charged by the load (for example: a pick-up truck, tandem truck, etc.)
  • do not mix loads of concrete with asphalt but we will accept mixed loads of concrete and concrete with steel
  • loads must be clean, no topsoil, dirt, wood, etc. - they will be rejected
  • hours of operation - open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., open the occasional Saturday
  • method of payment - Cash Only
  • require more information, give us a call
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  • you are doing your part to help the environment
  • reduce filling up our landfills
  • all the material dumped is recycled for reuse as aggregates
  • dumping fees are in most cases lower than what you would pay at landfill depots
  • open to the public
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